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What did the Ancients know off Black Seed Oil


What exactly is Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil comes from the seeds of black cumin, from the plant with the latin name Nigella sativa, which is indigenous to  Southwest Asia.  Now it grows in the Middle East, as well as West Asia and Eastern Europe.  Through extraction, oil from the Nigella Sativa plant called black seed oil is produced.  In terms of taste and smell, these black seeds are similar to cumin and black onion seeds.

The Nigella sativa plant

Why should I take Black Seed oil?

Black seed oil has many different properties, two of the most important being that it is an incredibly strong antioxidant as well as a strong anti-inflammatory. It also boosts the immune system to help fight infections and inflammation.

Furthermore, black seed oil is known to shrink tumors and has many anti-cancer properties.

Ancient Miracle

It is known that people have been using the tiny black seeds for thousands of years as a natural remedy.  What did they know?

Benefits for Hair and Skin

Black seed oil has many amazing benefits for the hair and skin. It specifically treats certain skin conditions including ezcema, acne and Psoriasis.

Black seed oil protects the skin from wrinkles and premature aging by repairing cells through oxidation. This is due to its strong antioxidant properties.

You may also add black seed oil to your hair products or skin moisturizers to help maintain its healthy condition.

It is knows to keep skin supple and soft weather you are taking it orally or applying it topically.

Benefits For Cancer and Anti-Cancer Prevention

The thymoquinone found in black seed oil is knows to kill several types of cancer cells. Specifically breast cancer, brain cancer and leukemia.

What is Thymoquinone? 

Thymoquinone is a phytochemical compound found in the plant Nigella sativa. Thymoquinone exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and strong antioxidant activities.

Thymoquinone is also knows to help treat asthma, headache, fever, rheumatoid arthritis, dizziness and hypertension.

How do you take it?

You can ingest black seeds in the form of capsules or cold-pressed oil, or you can apply it topically.

Possible Side Effects

There is very little evidence that black seed oil causes any long term side effects.

However, there is some evidence that black seed oil can cause redness and irritation when applied directly to the skin, so make sure to test it out on a small area of your skin if applying topically.

It is also possible that black seed oil may interact with some medications and increase the chance of bleeding.

Make sure to speak with your doctor before considering black seed oil.

Final Thoughts

I work with a Naturopathic doctor, and she recommended this oil to me.  Since then, I have used it for inflammation with great results.

I have also noticed an improvement in my energy levels, as well as my hair and skin.

Black seed oil is a must have in your regimen if optimum health is your goal.